Character Creation

Character Creation Rules

Use a standard New World of Darkness character sheet with the following additions.

  • Start with 1 dot in Occult
    Pick one of the Family Occult Specialties (Demons, Fey, Eidolons, Proteans, The Donner Party)
  • Start with 1 dot in both Family Skills
  • Create a standard NWoD or Innocents character

All characters start with 25 Experience*
Age 13 – 29 (Dead at 30, Innocent before 13)

  • *Innocents do not gain any additional XP
  • *Converting an Innocents character to an Adult character

Step 1: Attributes can be rearranged as you see fit but they must maintain the 5/4/3 division. If your Innocent character had attributes lower than 5/4/3 then they are raised to meet these point totals.

Step 2: Subtract 1 dot from each skill(making sure to leave 1 dot in Occult, and your 2 Family skills) and specialties can change if the character desires. Characters can change their family occult specialties, but only to other option they didn’t take.

Step 3: Merits that are appropriate only to innocents are lost (Ego Boost, Mental Prodigy, Prized Possession, Giant, Hard Head, Physical Prodigy, Tiny, Tough, Deep Pockets, Guardian, Guardian Angel, Odd Jobs, Social Prodigy, Team Player). Also any childhood fighting styles are also lost, but experience is given to buy brawl if this is the case, any extra experience that cannot be spent on brawl is lost.

Step 4: Skills are updated to an 11/7/4 format, if you have more than 11/7/4 after you subtract one from each skill you gain nothing, but if you have less you gain skill dots so that your total number of skill dots equals 22.

Step 5: Merits are updated, if after you lose any childhood merits and you are below 7 dots in Merits you gain a number of merits equal to the difference.

Step 6: Triggers are removed, and Assets and Faults change to Virtues and Vices. Morality can be purchased for (new dots x3 xp) or can be reduced down to as low as a Morality of 5 for 5xp per dot removed.

NOTE: The Innocents skill STUDY changes to Academics & Science. You may divide the dots any which way you choose. The physical skill Drive is also added to the character’s list of skills. The Graves children gain 1 Dot in Study which converts to Academics upon reaching “of age” and if it’s the only dot they ever have then when they reach “of age” they gain a dot in academics for free. The Murphy family innocents do not gain a dot in Drive until they reach “of age”. The complexity of this skill is just too difficult to grasp for Innocents. They instead negate the penalty for trying to use the Drive skill unskilled (which in this case is -1). 1 dot in Occult, and Family skills do not count towards your total skill pool of 22.

Character Creation

The Donner Party Sorceress