Demons can be both corporeal and incorporeal. They usually require some sort of food to survive. An example would be Vampires. Vampires need to feed on blood to survive. Demons usually have supernatural powers, skills and toughness associated with their breed. Breeds can vary from little Imps to full fledged Djinns or be as mundane as Vampires. Destroying demons is usually done in one of two ways. Either you can kill the monster outright or kill the vassal it is possessing. It is also possible to effect demons with Rites.

Sample Demons

Demonic Possession
Powers: Increased Attributes, Heightened Senses and Speed, & Demonic Vestments

A majority of the time a demon cannot reside on this world without a host of some sort. This demonic “spirit” uses a person, or sometimes an animal to effect the real world in whatever way it pleases. While the possession causes no lasting physical harm to the victim it can scar them emotionally for life. These demons are free to enter or leave hosts as they see fit, and often leave a host as a form of escape. Demonic “spirits” can only last about an hour without a host before being forced back to hell. Donner Party rites were designed specifically for combating these entities. They also cannot cross thresholds covered with salt.

Powers: Disciplines, Increased Attributes, Unnatural Toughness, Ghoul & Vampire Creation

Vampires come in various breeds. Some are very human-like and blend in with society undetected. Others range from hideous to almost corpse-like in appearance. They are crafty and tend to flee if they are going to be killed. Vampires have their own culture within our own, and tend to roam in packs called “Coteries”. They can create offspring from their victims, but this act must be done on purpose and does not simply occur from a single bite. Vampires are known to be weak against sunlight and fire, and are rendered paralyzed when staked through their heart.

Non-Human Form
Powers: Powers vary by subtype. Unnatural Toughness, Heightened Senses and Speed, & Demonic Vestments

Non-Human form demons are summoned monsters from hell. In order for them to breech our world someone or something must bring them forth and command them. Once they are here they can only return to hell if they are killed. Non-Human form demons will remain even after their masters have been killed, and they will retain free will if they are able to break their bonds. Just like possessions they cannot cross salted thresholds.

  • Imps – Small creatures with limited abilities. Also known as gremlins. Imps have the ability to control machinery. Weakened when in any bright lights. Can be killed outright.
  • Classic Winged – The demons of lore. Large winged humanoid creatures with horns and hooved feet. Immune to fire, and toxins. Strong, tough, and skilled. They are believed to be soldiers of hell. No weaknesses known, can be killed outright.
  • Hellhound – Unlike simple possessed dogs, Hellhounds are beasts that come directly from hell. Once they have been commanded to find someone they will not stop until they do. They possess the ability to turn invisible and are considered highly deadly. Can be seen in mirrors, or other reflective surfaces. Can be killed outright.
  • Djinn – Djinn are more commonly called Genies or Wishmasters. They have the ability to grant any desire typically at the price of a person’s soul. Mostly powerless unless asked for something. They have the ability to blend in with their surroundings giving them the appearance of a person but with subtle differences that vary from Djinn to Djinn.


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