Fey are mostly corporeal beings. Some are known to have powers that allow them to become incorporeal for short periods of time, but those are rare. Fey are the creatures of our dreams and nightmares. They seek out small children or weakened adults to prey on them for food and energies. Fey closely resemble demons but are far more fantastical in nature and power. They have varying breed, just like demons. They can be anything from ferocious elves to hulking ogres, but the most well known Fey would be the Boogey Men. They have supernatural skills and power and in many cases they retain forms of magic. Witches and those who practice evil magic are normally classified as Fey because of its fantastical nature. Destroying Fey varies greatly from breed to breed. Some are as simple as killing outright, and others require strange items or weapons made of gold, silver or cold iron to be hurt at all. Fey are the most complicated monsters to hunt or deal with because of this very reason.

Sample Fey

Powers: Vary by type

Fairy tales were apparently based on some actual fact. These type of Fey are what made those tales true. They are the creatures that hide in the darkness preying on bad children. They are also the creatures of fantasy. While no one has actually seen a dragon, some believe that they still do exist somewhere in the world.

  • Brownie – Small humanoid creatures, much like Imps but their tricks are vastly more devious and harmful. Normally found in small packs they move exceptionally quick and can hide really well. Brownies are weak against weapons made from oak.
  • Leprechaun – While it is true that Leprechauns hide a stash of gold it’s not because they like to horde money, but because gold is there biggest weakness. Leprechauns can vanish into thin air if no one is looking at them. So always be sure to keep an eye on them at all times.
  • Fairy – Fairies, yes, just like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan except most fairies aren’t nice little sidekicks. Fairies are vicious, evil little glimmering lights of hate. They despise people, and will do almost anything to lure them into traps that will maim or kill them. They revel at dishing out pain and suffering to any unfortunate person who happens across them. Cold Iron is your best bet in putting these little pests down. That is assuming you can find them in the first place.
  • Boogey Man – Some believe they’re lost souls trying to find a place in the world. Others believe that they were evil men who harmed children in life. Whatever the reason they exist, they do so to bring fear and suffering to the innocents of the world. Boogey Men cannot be killed, only scared off, and the only person who can accomplish this task is the very person they’ve been attacking.

Shape Changers
Powers: Shape Shifting, Varies by forms

  • Were-creatures – Werewolves, weretigers, werebears, and any other hybrid human/animal you can think of. They are all very territorial and very angry. Physically they are powerhouses that can take copious amounts of pain, and deal large amounts of hurt. There only weakness is silver, but a few can be warded off by various herbs.
  • Rakasha – A strange shape changer. Normally it takes the form of a human, but they have been known to take the form of house cats as well. Rakasha prey on human greed. If you know a horder then he or she would be the perfect prey for a Rakasha. They have the ability to charm or entrance people usually so they can make their escape or force them to do their bidding. Rakasha can only be hurt by gold.
  • Doppleganger – Dopplegangers are humans who have the ability to take the shape of any lifeform they desire. They require the flesh of living people in order to live, and so all of them are cannabalistic.

Powers: True Magic, Numina

  • Magus – Magus, or the Awakened as they call themselves can be devastating enemies or great allies to have around. They maintain their own society among people and believe that magic is a force that shouldn’t be used lightly, but once in awhile a few nut jobs slip through the cracks.
  • Witches and Sorcerers – Somewhat like Magus but not remotely as powerful. Most are solitary and stay away from normal people, but from time to time they might dole out curses or other wicked magics that bring harm to people.
  • Necromancer – The dark jewel of the magic world. Necromancers deal with the living dead, ghosts, or anything that remotely resembles a corpse. All of them are vile, and they seek out knowledge as if it feeds them their power. Destructive, angry and aggressive. Beware.
  • Psychic – Sometimes humans have overdevolped brains, and this can lead to psychic abilities. Telepathy, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, and the likes have all been documented. They can be good allies or dangerously normal enemies.


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