FROM: M. Hastings
CC: B. Hastings, C. Springer, K. Pike
RE: Status Report


Things are proceeding as planned. The first round of testing is almost complete and two of the three primary test subjects have reacted positively to the serum. Before I get to our successes I want to discuss a problem first. A young girl named Leann Donner has resisted the serum and has become a serious disruption with my studies. The board is threatening to send her upstate to a more secure facility if I cannot get her under control soon. I’ve made a passionate plea in order to keep her here, and they’ve allowed me six months to make improvements with her condition. I need something that will bring her into line or, at the very least calm her down. I fear if I cannot get a solution to this problem from the outside then we will unfortunately lose her forever within the system.

The other two children have reacted exactly as you said they would. Their mental acuities have increased ten fold and their visual insights have started to manifest more regularly. They should be ready and capable of performing whatever tasks you require within the next year. That is, assuming the serum continues to work as expected. I will be requiring another shipment some time next month if we’re to stay on course. Please forward it to the usual mail box in Boston.

I, personally, cannot thank you enough for allowing me this opportunity. I’ve made a substantial number of breakthroughs in other areas because of this serum. Its uses are vast, and it could be of a great benefit when dealing directly with the Party lines. If it is at all possible please try to obtain one of the small copies of the Graves’ family references for my disposal. That information could prove very useful in replicating this serum for specific families.

With much thanks,
Dr. Maria Hastings, MD
PhD. Neurobiology, Genetics


Patient: Leann Justice Donner
Attending Physician: Dr. Maria Hastings
Case Number: #1361862

Leann was admitted by the State of Texas in 1984. Leann was found to be a disruptive foster child with violent and dangerous tendencies. She has committed a number of violent assaults against fellow foster children at the State Orphanage in Austin, Texas. Her caretaker Ms. Doris Snyder contacted us and with the approval from the courts in Texas; Leann was moved to our facilities in Massachusetts.
Leann’s fits of rage manifest in various forms from crying fits to outright physical abuse of others. Her strength for a child of her age is surprisingly high, and her ability to use simple everyday items as improvised weapons has proved to be difficult. At this current time she has already injured two orderlies, and a number of other children in our pediatric wing.
Three years into her stay in our facility she almost killed another patient for taking one of her dolls. It was from that point forward that Ms. Donner was moved into special care down in the basement.

Treatments and Results
Leann Justice Donner is prone to hyper violent behavior, and appears to have psychotic and homicidal tendencies. She’s been deemed as a threat to herself, and others. Treatments have involved medicines to control her temper and her moods. These have met with little to no success. She’s been permanently restrained for the safety of those around her.
ECT has proved fruitless as have hypnosis and personal sessions. Leann has recessed into her own world where demons and monsters are everywhere and everyone. She insists that her doctor is trying to kill her, and that the orderlies have been working with something called “Donner’s Demon”. This so-called demon has been the focus of Leann for the last several years. All attempts to remove this train of thought from her mind have failed, and all attempts to rationalize with her have also failed.

At this point Taunton State Mental Hospital has considered moving her to a more secured facility, but her attending insists that she has been making incremental progress with her. Under her direct recommendation we are holding off on moving Ms. Donner for the immediate future. However, a hearing is scheduled to be held six (6) months from the time this document is filed.

Medical Director, Chief of Staff
Dr. Whitney Wolff, MD


The Donner Party Sorceress