The Journal of Peter Reed

They tell me I should record my thoughts and what I learn here. I suppose it makes for a useful record, but there’s always so much we need to do, and never enough time to catch up. Especially with all the distractions. Distractions that can eat you are not good distractions, and you can’t ignore them.

Anyway, I suppose I should talk about the best day I had. It was a birthday party for me – really, those are supposed to be good days. I used to have them every year. My mom would invite a lot of the kids from school, and I could have cake and ice cream. We went to the park.

But that’s not this year. This year, I’m travelling with Justice and Isaac, and my parents are dead. The Demon ate them. This year, I had to … well, I had to do a lot of things. The Donners and Reeds and Pikes fight the Demon, but nothing has beaten it, not ever.

This year, I get to have a big birthday party. It’s at Lego Park, in California. That means it’s by the ocean. We got there in the morning, at the same time as another big tour group. We had to pretend to be part of them, to reduce the chances of the Hastings noticing us. I don’t think it worked, because they use magic. But … nobody bothered us.

That is, until Mary. I don’t know what Mary is: she’s inside the computer, and she likes me. But she hates everybody who says ‘no’ to her. But that’s out of order. First, she asked me if I wanted to play. Since this was my birthday, I said ‘yes’. Besides, I never could figure out where she was or how to block her. She uses a different magic from computer code, and she’s probably reading this. She also can make things like Legos act without even having a computer connection to them. I don’t know where she gets the power – maybe from the Internet.

Mary made the statues at the Lego pyramid come to life. That’s big magic. But she didn’t know about the people there, and the statues were going to kill some of them. They were big, too … way taller than an adult. We needed a big weapon to hurt them.

My new friends, Ethan, and Angie, they tried to hit the statue, but it was made of legos: they only knocked a few from the outside. You know how hard Legos are — you can’t even break one with a hammer. But these Legos turned red, like blood. It was Mary’s game, you see: like monsters and hunters, but with pretend monsters and pretend weapons.

Ethan worked it out fast. He found Lego knights to hurt the monster. I made a Lego gun, but guns are hard to make. They have lots of parts, and little lever bits normally need specialized lego pieces. But it worked: we blew up the monster. Saved the people, too.

That was the good part.

Mary wanted to see me, though. I wanted to see her: she could teach me a lot about computers, even if I can’t do her magic. I’m just human, and I don’t think she is. There was a thing called an electrical vault: a place where the Lego Land machines are run from. Mary was there, but she didn’t want me to have other friends. She tried to kill Hunter and Angie, and that is bad. So I tried to make her stop. This made her mad, and she did monster things to me. I fell unconscious. By then, Justice and Ethan had gotten to me. They saved me … but Mary didn’t hurt me. Not on purpose, and I got better, fast.

While we tried to escape from the park, things got pretty scary. Mary sent dinosaurs after us. Ethan trapped one in a tar pit, and Hunter helped us escape in a car, but it was going to kill us. Until Mary made it stop.

That’s it. I don’t understand why any of this happened, but Mary’s my friend. She’s also a monster, so I have to treat her careful. She’s not a /bad/ monster, but she doesn’t understand. But if I don’t understand, maybe the demon won’t, either? That’s how you beat a demon: find what it doesn’t understand. But Mary was mad at me – if she stays mad, she could kill us. That’s scary.

The Journal of Peter Reed

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