The Pact

The Pact

“Seven families alone and dying in the cold winter days. It must’ve been horrible for them. I’m sure they didn’t mean for the rest of us to get screwed to the wall. Then again, did they even really care?”
-Julia Graves, 4212 Days Left

In the year of our Lord 1846 the Donner, Reed, Eddy, Murphy, Breen, Pike and Graves families, known as the Donner Party, entered into a pact with a demonic entity known as “The Demon of Donner Lake”. The Demon promised it would help the Donner Party survive the winter and in return the Donner Party would help the Demon thrive in this world.

Every member of the Donner Party from then until the end of time would return to the site of the pact and give themselves freely for the Demons needs. It was negotiated that the age of return would be 30 years, and that failure to return would result in pain and suffering upon all the living members of the Donner Party’s bloodlines.

Only a handful of times have members of the Donner Party not complied with the Demon’s pact, and each time something devastating has happened to the Donner Party.

The first such action taken by the Demon was to evolve the Donner’s reproductive abilities. Making the men and women overly fertile. This has produced a far greater number of offspring than what probably would’ve been created.

The second occasion drew a vengeful retribution. Sickness swept across the Donner Party and forced them into hospitals, and bed with weakness and disease. All activity stopped and the Donner Party was forced to give up their search for answers as they laid in respite.

The third occasion saw the Hastings and Snyders, empowered by the magics of the Demon, strike out and kill a large number of the oldest members of the Donner Party. Without their leadership and wiser, older members the Donner Party fell into disarray and became scattered. It took several years for the lines of communication between the families to be reestablished.

The most recent occasion wasn’t met with any retribution. This has caused quite a stir among the members of the Donner Party. Either the effects weren’t something visible, like their cursed virility, or the Demon planned to release some other torment at a future date. So far, no one knows what the Demon did, or if it knows that someone didn’t come to the Lake.

The Pact

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