The Troupe

The Guardians

Justice Donner (Age: 29)
Justice Donner has long been traveling across the United States taking the fight to the bad guys. She’s always had one person or another with her, and her most recent tag-a-long is Isaac Reed. Isaac has been working with Justice for a little over 4 years, and the two have found that they work really well together.
Justice was raised in the great state of Texas where she did most of her early life training with a small group of Donner Party members called the “Young Guns” (Yes, after the movie.) She was taught how to handle a pistol, and stare down her enemies, a modern day gunslinger. While she has long since outgrown her love of cowboys and indians some of her habits have stuck around throughout her life.
Above all else Justice believes she’s a modern day supernatural lawman. Put on this earth for her short time to curtail the evil-doin’s of monsters out to hurt the common folk. She prides herself on her dedication, loyalty, and stalwart belief in the Donner Party’s cause. While her time on this earth has dwindled away she hopes she can make a difference in Isaac Reed’s life before it’s too late for him too.

Isaac Reed (Age: 23)
Issac Reed has pissed away most of his life trying to run from a destiny he wants no part of. Every time he finds a way out his Demons find a way to bring him back in. His most recent attempts to flee from his partner, Justice, were foiled by an insane poltergeist who took it upon itself to seal Justice in a watery grave. Isaac could’ve made a clean getaway and let Justice die, but something inside of him just wouldn’t drop it.
Isaac was raised just north of Pittsburg, and he spent most of his younger years breaking the law and being a bad kid. His ex-mentor was a man by the name of Kyle Pike, and he taught Isaac that looking out for others was more important than yourself. That the helping was more than enough of a reward for any one man. When Kyle died to a vampire attack Isaac lost all sense of purpose and fled into the night, running every day from a past that wouldn’t let him go.
Justice has since taken Isaac under her wing, in hopes, that she can give him some sense of purpose before her day comes, but Isaac has been fighting back every step of the way. Isaac hopes he can find answers to his cursed family, and hopes one day he’ll finally be able to stop running from whatever is chasing him down.

The Player Characters

Angelica Pike (Age:10)

Teddy Eddy (Age:11)
In 1996 Pablo Eddy met a young Asian girl by the name of Lin Ying at a gang party one night. The two of them hooked up, and a few months later Teddy was born. Pablo felt guilty about passing the curse along to Lin’s kid and so he married her and explained everything about the Donner Party. Lin was understanding at first but after a little while she couldn’t handle all the long nights of waiting for Pablo to come home alright. When Teddy was 6 Lin bailed and left Pablo alone with Teddy. Pablo didn’t really have a choice with Teddy so he started the training process and eventually he used his friends in a local street gang to “toughen” Teddy up. By the time Teddy had turned 8 his father’s friends had brought him into the gang. They quickly learned that Teddy had a knack for not being noticed and they eventually nicknamed him “Shadow”. For a couple of years Pablo and Teddy worked out of a Tattoo place with a guy named Cisco. When Teddy turned 10 Pablo told him that he had to go but was first going to take him to someone his mentor told him about; Justice Donner. As a going away present Cisco tattooed Teddy with an elaborate back tattoo and his gang’s sign. It’s been about a year since Teddy hooked up with Justice, and she’s continued his training.

Lex Hastings (Age:11)

Ethan Graves (Age:12)
Eric Graves met Michelle Foster while visiting family at the Graves’ Manor. The two hit it off and ended up sleeping with each other. It was your typical weekend fling, and by Monday morning Eric had already packed up and left. A few months later Michelle found out she was pregnant, and shortly after that her parents found out. The Fosters were a pretty wealthy family and when they found out their daughter had got knocked up by someone passing through they didn’t react well. Michelle sensing the worst acted quickly and pulled out as much money from her accounts as she could. She was right cause shortly after that her parents pretty much disowned her. Several years later Eric returned and came across Michelle again. Thinking he might be in for a weekend of fun the two hooked up, but this time Michelle explained about the child she had. Eric felt guilty about what had happened and when he learned about how her own parents abandoned her he felt obligated to stay. Eric explained everything but at first Michelle was apprehensive but after she saw Eric trying to kill a vampire she quickly became a believer.
After Eric’s 30th birthday and subsequent return to the Lake, Michelle was approached by Jon Donner; a man who was willing to help her train little Ethan. When she agreed to meet with the man she was attacked and was barely able to escape with Ethan in tow. Michelle wasn’t sure what to do at that point so she did the only thing a mother could do. She enrolled Ethan in some online courses and home schooled him. In 2006 Michelle and Ethan were traveling in Austin, Texas. In Austin, Michelle was attacked by a shadowy creature and killed. The thing spared Ethan’s life and left him in the streets. Ethan spent about a year in an orphanage before Justice Donner showed up and took him away. He’s been with her for almost a year.

Hunter Murphy (Age:11)
Hunter was born to Bobby Murphy age 19 and Holly Clark age 18. After he was born Bobby tried to explain things to Holly, and Holly stayed with Bobby for a year and as she learned more and more about Bobby’s family, the curse, and the hunting one night she got so frightened that she ran off and never returned. With nothing keeping Bobby tied down to one place he took Hunter with him on the road. At first, it was difficult trying to raise a kid while hunting and looking for answers to the curse but he made it work. When Hunter was finally old enough Bobby started explaining things to him and showing him how to hunt. For 9 years it was a pretty straight forward type of life. They moved from town to town looking for “work”. On Hunter’s 10th birthday Bobby took Hunter to Justice Donner. Bobby was determined to make sure that he left Hunter on his terms. Bobby and Hunter said their good byes, Bobby was not going to let his death be his sons last memory of him. Justice took Hunter in and continued his more advanced training. They’ve been together now for about a year.

Peter Reed (Age:11)
Young Master Reed was born to one of the rare Donner families that managed to stay together – until the curse changed everything. He was a model student. Shy, studious, never got into trouble. Until his parents had to head to the Lake and simply dropped him off with Justice, nearly a year ago. Since then, Peter has learned several things: how to take a dare

The Troupe

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