Notable Locations

Notable Locations

All across the United States the Donner Party has places they call friendly. This is a small list of some of those places. Each one has a Donner Family that typically runs or is part of the establishment. Owners typically turn over pretty quickly considering the short life span of the Donners. So don’t be surprised if someone new is behind the counter the next time you cross their thresholds.

North East

New Castle

“Take a seat, have a drink on the house. Just try not to disrupt the college kids, they pay the bills.”
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Current Caretaker: Elaine Reed (Age:24)

New Castle is a popular ivy league hangout for the local Yale University. It’s often been used by the Reed family as a place to gather and share information, and it also makes a useful in for making contacts with some of the world’s best and brightest. While the Donner Party mostly live their lives as outsiders New Castle gives them an “in” with society.


Kwik Trix Electronix

“Let’s have a look in the back and see what we got.”
Location: Washington DC, District of Columbia
Current Caretaker: Deacon Murphy (Age:25)

Kwik Trix Electronix is a discount electronics store up front, but in the back Deacon keeps a small arsenal of small arms. The Donners can access them for a small rental fee or for very dire situations that can be sent out on loan for some sort of collateral. Deacon also quick fixes for vehicles and small electronic devices for free when he has the time..

South East

Sinnamon Hot’s

“Two drink minimum, don’t touch the girls, and most of all check your damn weapons at the door!”
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Current Caretaker: Cindy “Sinnamon” Pike (Age:22)

Girls, drugs, alcohol, and a good time. That’s what’s available at Sinnamon Hot’s. The Donner mostly come for the show and some well needed rest, but they can also get medical supplies, doctoring or any kind of quick patches out of the back door. Cindy runs a tight ship and doesn’t let the Donner near enough to her girls to get “lucky” and definitely keeps them in check when it comes to violence. She takes no shit, from no one, and she’s got the kickass to back it up.


The Northern Lights

“Take number 6, but be quiet. There’s a couple down in 10.”
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Current Caretakers: Richard Breen (Age:24), Gina Breen (Age:23), and Bradley Pike (Age:16)

The Northern Lights is a small hotel on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s not really much more than a rest stop for those traveling. It offers beds, and rest for the Donner Party and a place to store items if needed.


Graves Manor

“I’m sorry but the basement library is only available to Graves family members.”
Location: Independence, Missouri
Current Caretakers: Julian Graves (Age:29), Sarah Graves (Age:18)

The Graves Manor sits a top a small hill overlooking the city of Independence, Missouri. It houses all current knowledge of the Demon of Donner Lake, and the Donner Party. It also holds the original copy of the Graves’ Bible (the ongoing journal for the Donner Party). The Graves Manor, while a large home, is used primarily as a library and resource of occult knowledge. It is always cared for by a member of the Graves family.

Eddy/Murphy Investigations

“I know what it looks like, but trust me Vampires can and do make useful allies.”
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Current Caretakers: Matt Eddy (Age:20), Wes Murphy (Age:20)

Much to the surprise of the Donner Party a pair of jokers named Matt Eddy, and Wes Murphy decided to take their supernatural hunter background and apply it for a monetary gain. Strangely, the pair has had some success in Chicago finding various bits of work. While most of the Donner Party stays clear of these two, the Graves family has taken an interest in their doings… for prosperity’s sake. The Donner’s have issued a warning that these two might be dangerous.


Bianca’s House of the Occult

“Bonjou, konmen to yê?”
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Current Caretakers: Bianca Sinclair (Age:67), Marcel Graves (Age:20)

Bianca Sinclair has been a long time ally of the Donner Party since before colored people were accepted in the south. At first, she worked out of her meager home giving tarot readings and divinations for money. When the Donner Party first encountered her she saw in them a great sadness and offered to help them. Over the years Bianca has moved on from simple divinations and into serious magics. She, however, has been known from time to time to give readings for good reasons to members of the Donner Party.


High Faire Hotel

“I’m sorry the luxury suite is reserved for the evening. Could I offer you one of our smaller suites at a reduced rate?.”
Location: Denver, Colorado
Current Caretaker: Bryan Reed (Age:28)

High Faire is a place to lay your head down for a night, or for a week. Bryan accommodates all Donners free of charge. He can’t promise the best room in the hotel but he’ll do what he can. He also takes reservations for the bigger suites if you know you’re gonna be in town on certain days. He’s housed family meet and greets before and when the Donner’s can’t hold big events in Truckee he’s first to take up the slack. Bryan’s “made” quite a few friends in the Denver PD so he can get away with a lot without drawing too much attention.

North West


“Ya see, what ya need is some 3 inch cause that 1 inch ya got ain’t gunna cut it. Lemme show ya what I mean.”
Location: Redmond, Washington
Current Caretaker: Walter Donner (Age:27)

Welcome to Naturalize where all your survival needs can be and will be met under one roof. The storefront serves as an outdoor man paradise. They sell all manner of camping, survival gear and weapons. In the warehouse the Donners can find and pick up all manner of odds and ends that they might need on a hunt. Whether its rare blood or some odd metallic weapon. Walter tries to keep up to date on the latest critters and the means to put them down. He’s happy to take special request mainly cause he likes the challenge of finding rare stuff, but it usually comes with a price (you’ll be doing the paying).


Truckee Lodge

“Door’s always open. Come on in.”
Location: Truckee, California
Current Caretaker: David Donner (Age:27)

The Truckee Lodge is a large house just outside the town of Truckee. It is the primary meeting area of the Donner Family, and is often used as a home base for the entire Donner Party. There is always a Donner living at the Lodge to give aid or beds to any members of the Donner Party that might need a place to stay. It also hosts any 30th, and final, birthday/goodbye gatherings for those going to return to Donner Lake.

South West

Pecos Bar & Grill

“Welcome! Do come in and have a seat. I’ll be right back to take that order!”
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Current Caretakers: Mitchell Murphy (Age:27), Hal Pike (Age:27)

Mitchell Murphy and Hal Pike had been hunting together for the last 10 years. They’ve recently hung up their weapons and decided to “settle down” and create a new place the Donner Party could call home. This led to the establishment of the Pecos Bar & Grill. While the Pecos is open to the public it often closes its doors to the public in order to hold private gatherings for Donner Party members passing through. Hal and Mitch have made some in roads with a few Mexican weapons dealers and have opened up a halfway shop of arms for the Donner’s in need.

Notable Locations

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