Eidolons are mostly incorporeal beings but usually have the ability to become corporeal for short periods of time. They are normally tied to the real world by some means. Usually a body or an object of some sort is keeping their presence active. There are two distinct types of Eidolon: Ghosts and Spirits.
Ghosts are shadowy creatures that remain behind when someone dies violently or with some sort of unresolved purpose. The older a ghost becomes the more power and evil they are. Ghosts usually have supernatural power revolving around controlling aspects of the real world. This control can be as simple as moving objects, invoking emotions, or as complicated as detailed illusions. Killing ghosts is normally a matter of finding it’s body and salting and burning it. In the event that a body does not exist for any one ghost it’s possible that they are tied to something close to them, such as a house or an item which could also be destroyed.
Spirits, unlike ghosts, are a similar type of monster but have nothing to do with the dead. They are instead supernatural manifestations of elements or animals. They typically can manifest an engage physically in the real world and have supernatural powers or skills dealing with their singular aspect. Destroying spirits is done in one of two ways. Either you kill the spirit outright while it is manifested or you need to destroy whatever it has been tied to in the real world.

Sample Eidolons

Free-Roaming Ghosts
Powers: Various Numina

We’ve all heard ghost stories about haunted houses, and watched the movie Poltergeist. That’s pretty much what Free-Roaming Ghosts are all about. They are tied to the world in one fashion or another by a person, place or thing. Once in a great while you’ll find some really nasty buggers that aren’t fettered to the real world but instead thrive on their own.

  • Poltergeist – A ghost that’s been around for far too long and has gone mad. It perceives everything as a slight and wants to do nothing but bring harm to the people it’s haunting. Like most ghosts you need to either destroy its fetters or find, salt, and burn its body.
  • Haunt – A lesser form of a poltergeist just not nearly as mad. Typically, they are someone who has died more recently and are trying to find a way to be put to rest. Not normally aggressive. You can try to resolve their problems, destroy their fetters, or simply find, salt and burn their body to get rid of them.
  • Wraith – A truly malicious form of ghost that not only maintains freedom from fetters but can formulate plans and take actions accordingly. Wraiths are exceptionally difficult to deal with if you cannot find, salt and burn their body. They can follow you, day or night, into any room or hiding place. Most Wraiths have elaborate histories and some sort of specific means to destroy them. Tread carefully against these.
  • Spectre – Spectres are, for all intents and purposes, the demons of the ghost-world. They possess powerful numina and can consume other ghosts to fuel their power. They are able to manifest in the real world and are relentless in terms of hunting down their prey. Most spectres kill people and force them to become haunts in order to feed off of them. The only known method of destroying a Spectre is to make it manifest and destroy it in the real world.
  • Reaper – Reapers are exactly what you think they are. They’re the grim reaper. Spirits that ferry the dead across the realm of the living into the realm of the dead. Not an actual threat to normal people, but on rare occasion they have gone to extreme lengths to recover those who “cheat death”. Can manifest in the real world. There is no known way to dispose of a Reaper aside from giving it what it wants.

Skin Riders
Powers: Possession

Simply put these are ghosts that have latched onto a mortal host, and taken control of their body. The possession causes no lasting physical effects, but can cause emotional scarring. While a Skin Rider can be Exorcised it will not destroy the ghost. It will just rip it from its current host and set it free to find a new one. Skin Riders are dealt with just like any ghost, help it find peace, find and destroy its fetters, or find, salt, and burn its body.

Powers: Vary by type

Unlike ghosts, spirits are not the energy of a dead human but instead they are more of a chaotic energy created by the world. They exist because of the inherent supernatural powers that linger in our world and have taken form from powerful forces.

  • Animal Spirit – All animals have a spirit form, and these forms can think for themselves. When their environment, or they become threatened they can lash out using animals of their own type as hosts. Like ghosts, animal spirits are attached to a fetter and the only way to get rid of them is to remove the threat or destroy the fetter.
  • Environmental Spirit – Certain locations can garner so much supernatural power that they manifest spirits to protective itself. An old house, or a grove of trees, a river are all examples of Environmental spirits. These types of spirits can only be appeased if they become angry. They can be reasoned with if you can find them, and are the most intelligent of all the known spirits.
  • Elemental Spirit – Pure force given form. Elemental spirits are manifested entities of the forces of nature. They are usually very powerful, and filled with vengeance. They exsist in the real world and must be found and physically destroyed. Which is no small task. Take great caution if you’re confronted with these types of spirits.


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