Proteans are all corporeal beings. They all have one thing in common, someone or something created them. They have varying supernatural attributes; some might be exceptionally strong or durable while others might be nimble and fleet of foot. Proteans are created or summoned by someone seeking revenge or protection, but in the end it usually costs them their lives and the protean remains in our world. Proteans vary in breed from simple undead creatures like zombies to more complex and highly intelligent beings like Jason from Friday the 13th. Killing a protean comes down to being able to destroy it physically, but that task is usually harder than it sounds. It’s been said that some proteans require to be destroyed by a certain method, such as burning with fire, or removing its head. Failure to do so will only result in a protean being “brought back to life” remembering what happened and who did it.

Sample Proteans

Powers: Exceptional Durable and Strong, Toxin Immunity

Horrific proteans are terrible creatures of sinew, bone and flesh. They are usually disgusting hybrids of other lifeforms. To be frank, they’re the actually monsters in the world.

Living Dead – Zombies, skeletons, reanimated corpses, or just about anything that was dead and now isn’t. Husks of meat, bone and sinew these particular proteans can sustain copious amounts of physical harm before they’re destroyed. Sadly, hitting them with all you have is the only way to get rid of them.

Ghoul – Ghouls are the sad creatures created whenever a living person drinks the blood of a vampire. Ghouls are pretty much just like humans except they can use a limited form of their vampire master’s powers. Luckily, they can be killed just like any other normal person, albeit a bit more durable.

Abomination – Sick and twisted necromantic rituals are required to fuse the corpse of a werecreature with the blood of a vampire. Abominations are essentially werecreatures turned into ghouls. Granting them not only the powers of a werecreature but that of whatever the vampire’s blood contained. Weak against silver, fire, and sunlight.

Skin Walker – Werewolves are almost as old as time, and since the beginning people have been trying to control them. Magical rituals are performed using the fur coat of many dead werewolves to create a skin walker. Unlike normal werewolves these monsters are not harmed by silver. In fact, at this point in time, no weakness has been found.

Powers: Varied greatly by type

Vengeful proteans are summoned through some form of magic, or curse. They usually have singular purposes, like trying to kill a specific person, or hunting down a stolen item. These creatures cannot be killed, only appeased or slowed down. Your best option is to find out what it wants and give it to it, or convince whomever has angered it to make amends, quickly.

Revenant – You’ve all seen the movie “The Crow”. That, right there, is the perfect example of a Revenant. Yes, surprisingly they usually have some form of animal or item tied into its ressurection. It’s possible that killing or destroying this item might get rid of the protean.

Promethean – A relatively new species of protean. Think of Frankenstein’s monster, and you’ll get a grasp on what this protean is. Unlike Frankenstein, they can and do maintain a normal level of intelligence. Weakness varies by method of creation. So far, fire, water, salt, and silver have shown to have promise against certain prometheans.

Scarecrow – A vengeful spirit given form. They’re called scarecrows simply because they most often manifest as a patchwork human doll. Chucky from Child’s Play would be considered a scarecrow. Destroying whatever vassal its in usually destroys it but more often than not that’s a bigger chore than it appears to be.

Mummy – Yeah, Mummys, who knew? Living dead reanimated by a “Mummy’s Curse”. Believed to be an ancient spell placed of burial grounds. Mummys want one thing to kill whoever invaded their space, The only chance you have of killing the Mummy is to undo the spell, and that usually takes some doing. They can, and should be put down as often as you can to spare you extra time to investigate. Otherwise, they’ll just keep coming until they get what they want. You, or someone dead.

Powers: Incredible strength and endurance

This is a catch all catergory of proteans for anything that does not fall into the other catergories.

Stalker – Jason from Friday the 13th, and you’d be surprised how many of these types of proteans sneak around the world at large. They only care about killing you, your friends, and your family. Beat them by beating them, and then burn whatever’s left over.

Shadow – Sleek, fast, and surprisingly strong. It’s believed these are created by demons to serve them as soldiers, but interrogations haven’t revealed anything credible at this point. Shadows can control shadows, and have been known to actually form them into corporeal items or traps. To kill a shadow, you need to trap it in the light. If there’s even a small shadow they can hide in it.


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